Monday, July 23, 2007

Quickee on Kim bap

So I broke my rice cooker trying to make bread in it because I refused to use to use my brain after 5 pm (like many Americans who can't even give a decent Baskin Robbins order [cup or cone?]) and held down the switch till I burned out the fuse because by holding down the switch the temperature of the cooker kept increasing until firey explosion or *zap* *Snap* *Crackle* *Pop* *sizzle* whatever. I just turned to see how the bread was doing (as I was carfully watching it by sitting next to it, in case of emergency) and the lights were out and frankly nothing worked. I don't know how to break open a rice cooker to fix a fuse so we just threw it out. I have yet to get another.

Anyway because we have no cooker I am convinced that any rice made will taste mediocre. But I made me some Kimbap anyway....unfortunatly I forgot to take a picture. but here are some shameless plugs to Kimbap related sites.

Am a really a bad cook or is it just me being hard on myself that I think the food I make doesn't taste as good as the origonal. In this case it is justified because I had some really great kimbap at this sort of gross (in a just 'barely passed health inspection' kind of way) market but it wwsa VERY good. Okay I know that is a really bad justification but what I mean is that it is hard to make. My boss who is Korean gave me a long lecture on the dificulty on making kim bap. I am now humbled as mine tured out good but not great....It didn't help that I was being picky about recipes so I didn't use one... I will try again later and give you picture and recipes to go by on...


Added pictures of my favorite Kimbap from a Korean market near Jo-anns!

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