Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Mmmmm salami

So I rarely go to Costco and I really don't like american style sandwitches (weirdo!) but those Italians really know how to make a good sandwitch! Anyway...I went to Costo and I got olive tapenade, motzerella, pesto, three different types of salami, and ciabatta rolls and I made all these yummy italian style sandwitches.

The problem with costco is that everything is in bulk so now I have to find a way to use up my huge tub o' tapenade. I don't think I'll have trouble with the pesto because I love me some pesto!

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It's not the prettiest picture as I already ate a huge chunk of it before I realized I should take a picture!

Use your George Forman grill to heat up the bread (cut it in half first) and give it preatty grill marks then spread on some pesto layer with choice salami, motzerella, maybe some bell peppers with balsamic vinigar (the real and really expensive kind) then put back on the grill to the cheese melts.

I also had a soda (not pop :P)with some grilled spicy pinnaple which I just grilled with some sugar, honey, and crushed spicy red pepper on top.


Sarah said...

i dont get how food has a view?
do you mean it looks good?
are you done making all your japanese things and have moved on to italian?
my "constructive critisim" is to spell sandwich right

Javakat said...

Hey Sarah! Aparently I didn't make that clear enough! My apologies! What I ment by "food with a view" was that becaus of my younge age, inexperience, and current location, I feel that I have an interesting perspective on food.

I love the history and culture of food so if I don't make it as a chef my next choice would be a nutritional anthropoligist.

I guess I also like weird thinks and as I said in other posts, normal food bores me. I hate leftovers and having the same thing twice (unless its really good! :P).

I love both Japanese and Italian food! I have not moved on from Japanese I was just sharing a little bit of Italian with you!

I hope I answered all your questions! I hope you even see my reponse! :)