Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My Seattle explorations

So I know I earlier said that people who live in Seattle don't get to experience it like tourists do...well.... I don't know.... I thought it over and maybe the reason it seems that way is because we're like "We live here, we have all the time we want to go to Salumi or the pike place market or eat a Gooeduck!" and I have to admit I have done all of that except eat a gooeduck..

I have only been to pike place market like ...7 times? And I only went to Salumi once and that was a few weeks ago because it's summer and I had time to...(because I'm a kid haha, I do have a part time job though..i'll tell you about that in my next blog)

My first trip to Salumi wasn't as pleasent or well it was fine just not what I expected......

So Its the beggining of summer and me and my dad want to go out for lunch downtown...I recommend Salumi as I have been PATIENTLY waiting (I mean it) to go. Salumi is a old fashioned Salumi restaraunt owned by Famous Itallian chef Mario Batali's dad.

We go and when we get there my dads already complaining. About the line, the fact that there arn't many places to sit...arg...anywho it was frusterating because his arguments wern't even valid!! There was vertially NO LINE and that is EXTREEEEEMLY rare for Salumi if any of you know about it...the line can go for blocks. *resists makes 'blocks' uppercase* there was space to sit you just had to share the table with other people, Oh the Horror!! Besides the fact that the line moves slow enough without my dad not knowing what anything means and arguing with the people their about his dislike of goat cheese. Don't get me wrong, I love my POPcicle but it was a little stressful because some stranger had to explain that this was award winning food and well worth the wait...



On a side not I also hear there is a secret gourmete club called Gypsy in Seattle but I have only heared of it once while watching "No Reservations" on the travel channel. I have yet to find it.

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