Monday, July 16, 2007

Baskin Robbins

SO! I have told you I work at Basken-Robbins in other posts but I never gave you the full details. So I started two weeks ago and the hardest parts were the cash register and getting a pretty scoop. Its embarrassing when the register screams at you and your scoop looks like a colorful turd. I'm getting good at it though. Daiquiri Ice is the hardest to scoop, literally...because its all ice... I was worried about the job at first I'm starting to relax now...(one of my class mates got fired from a different BR after three days so I was very tense).

I am starting to crave ice cream now (that's what I get for being around it all the time). I try not to eat to much as I am supposed to be on a diet from all that early summer junk food eating. I hate summer for that. The reason I got a job was because I didn't get accepted to a scholarship to spend the summer in Japan and I needed some cash. Its a great experience and I can at least guarantee that I can name 31 of there now 41 flava's. Its fun to see the behind the scenes of a business. I do admit I am already getting tired of working long shifts. I wouldn't be able to stand full time! Wow real life stinks....

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