Tuesday, July 3, 2007

About me

To start out my first post I must say that I live in Seattle, WA.*cringes* Yes I know what your thinking; "Oh great, a seattlite, she already lives in one of the centers of the food world, what perspective can she bring me?"

The sad fact is that most seattlites experience way less of the food world that Seattle provides then tourists. ...and it REALLY bugs me.

I hopefully will be able to give you insight into my life and my food "explorations" as I only just recently got into the complexity of food. I'll be celebrating my cooking aniversary soon by doing something really challenging!

I got into cooking last summer, I don't know why or how. But I did. So now I belong to a family that is supportive but doesn't seem to appreciate food the way I do.

One last note; Please don't look down on my opinions because I'm young, I can be just as stuborn about my Christian or foodie views as anyone else. Also excuse any bad grammer...just cause :)

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