Monday, December 3, 2007

Penny Wars and an Ice cream Party

So my school is doing a fund raiser called penny wars where each class puts in penny's and the winner is the one who has the most...or the least negative, for you see that if one class is too far ahead you can put in silver coins that subtract how ever many penny's the coin is I thought my classmates wouldn't care and wouldn't waste their money on this but wow, was the game successful. The coins were just counted today so we don't have a definite winner, but the winning class was promised an ice cream party as so I told my classmates if we lost I would make them all ice cream that's a way to waste money!

Anyway I have been brainstorming and I thought to myself what would be a clean way to go about it??? Then it hit me, Ice cream Daifuku (I've also heard it called ice cream mochi so I'm not sure which one is right)! In other words I would serve the ice cream in perfectly shaped little balls surrounded in a carb fest of mochi (rice cake mixture of glutinous rice flour, sugar, and water). Daifuku is usually mochi filled with an (red bean paste) but I have had really great ice cream daifuku from the HT mart and it's also really trendy at sushi restaurants like Blue C sushi ( a conveyor belt sushi shop in Seattle).

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I asked what flavors I should make and I got a really positive responce about Peppermint (it is the season!). I'm thinking about doing a poll or just posting up ideas on the bullitan board and seeing what my class thinks.

Some Ideas;

  • Banana and walnut
  • Peppermint (festively colored of course) or eggnog
  • Mango cardamom cheesecake
  • Rose or lavender
  • Pineapple coconut
  • German chocolate (with pecans and coconut)
  • Black sesame (traditional for ice cream daifuku)
  • Black walnut (I have lots of walnuts)
  • Pear and pecan (Hagan Dazs makes the most best greatest awsomest pear ice cream)

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