Thursday, December 13, 2007

That Melting Feeling; The Sweet Stench of Defeat

Life sunk my battle ship in 2 ways exactly (I may change my mind). First my class lost Penny Wars (It was RIGGED!) and my ice cream failed...its not easy making ice cream. Lets start from the beginning. Meet my ice cream maker.
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Say hello to the people!...well...anyway its got a bowl with "liquid whatever" in it that hardens in the freezer so there is no need for salt to keep the ice cream cold. Very Handy. But the small size is prone to overflowing and the bowl never seems cold enough at the end of a 25 minute churning cycle. Alas it doesn't always produce amazing consistency but I did find my last to batches come out rather smooth.

I desided to go for White Chocolate Peppermint and German Chocolate. I ran into some obstacles though. I got over the first hump well enough, as this was the first time I used eggs in my ice cream. Blessed am I that my eggs didn't curdle. Both batches came together smoothly and they spent time in the fridge to chill.

First batch to hit the ice cream maker was the Peppermint. All went well and when put into the freezer results were a positive. All was not so dandy for the German Chocolate. It was a larger batch so it overflowed making a huge mess which is probably why it didn't freeze as well as the Peppermint (the outside of the tub froze first and was fine but the inner icecream was too icey).

after 2 days I got to scooping.

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This was messy as the first try was not cold and the ice cream melted quick but I remembered to put the second tray in the freezer so as you can see my second batch was fine. The most difficult part was the mochi. It be really handy if I could stop time because then the ice cream wouldn't melt as I tryed and failed to get it into the sticky mochi. I ended up with mochi and a lot of ice cream that was supposed to be pretty and in my classmates bellies. Oh well.

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