Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bento Mission Complete!

Boy was I decieved by the big Asian food store downtown! I was convinced I coulden't get a cute bento box for AT LEAST less than 10 bucks. I have been proven wrong multiple times now. Twice at the HT market and once at Daiso (the Japanese dollar store).

My first real bento (I'm prone to having faux japanese experiences) was from the HT Mart, a pink three tierd beauty that has been mentioned before (I think) in a previous post. It only cost me 8 dollars but isn't used too often's huge so its good for days when you are going to share with your friends. I've used it also for when I was doing a cooking project for class and I needed a cute container ( it held little mini spanakopitas [Greek]). Its not fancy but definatly gets noticed because of its size. Its sort of annoying to assemble though.

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My second bento box was from Daiso and it cost me 4 dollars. I really like that it has latches on its sides as many bentos fall apart REALLY easy and have no way to stay closed, this of course equals an easy mess. Some have a funky elastic band you can put around them but I LUVE the latches.

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I really loved this bento! It was just onigiri with furikage, pickled daikon, and some granny smith apples with caraway seeds. This bento is two layered but the top layer is just a little compartment for chopsticks which it came with (yay!) but I didn't need to use for this lunch.

My third bento is new and unused so I have no nummy picture for you but I do have this one...Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This is possibly the cutest bento box ever! Its a bowel shape for soups/currys/whatever and comes with an adorable little spoon! It covered head to tow with angelic and bunny inspired cuteness! This was $3.50.

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