Friday, February 1, 2008

I'm addicted to the 50's

I'm addicted to the 50's, there is not other way to put it. I love hairspray, (mostly the movie), white shoes, bright dresses (picture above), casseroles, and everything about it (except segregation and drive in movies).

So today I was reading (blogs of course) and was once agagin reminded of my limited knowledge. I was hungry for power (as they say knowledge is power) and so I headed to the library. I grabed about 5 books, skimmed through them, grabbe another five and continued to read.

I went through alot of sushi books and some that caught my eye but I decided if I was going to actually buy anything then these books were going to have to be inexpensive, and attractive.

I am a firm believer that pictures sell. I mean unless its about food and travel, or a book about food but not actually a cook book, like The Man Who Ate Everything, or The Nasty Bits (both which I have yet to finish), then it must have pictures! If presentation if so crutial to a meal then why, WHY, do some cook books have little or no pictures??? How boring would my blog be without pictures? (only a little :) ) Most of the time I can put the recipe together in my head after reading it, but I am convinced a lot easier and quicker, if the book has pictures.

SO where am I going with this? If you combine my love of the 50's and my requirement of an abundance of pictures (plus a reasonable price), then you get my two new books!

Deceptivly Delicious is a book about finding sneaky ways to feed your kids healthy foods for example sneaking pured califlower into mashed potatos. It is written by Jessica Seinfeld (who was featured in the Rachel Ray magazine, October 2007) the wife of comedian Jerry Seinfeld and mother of 3 kids. Her book features clever recipes that are not only tasty but full of nutrition and accompanyed by her peanut gallery of her husband kids, and nutrition guru, Joy Bauer. The design of the book also screams 50's, which in case you forgot, I love!

My nearly nameless casserole and one-pot dish book is 50's to the core. It features plenty of easy delicious recipes.

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