Sunday, February 24, 2008


I am ALL over the catering business right now. Tomorrow I will be "shadowing" a Seattle catering company called…for school. Its called shadow day, but in essence it’s virtually career day. I am SO glad I got this opportunity to do this God has pulled through again! I was about to be stuck with shadowing my mother (accountant for Bank of America) when my dad pulled the stops and got this connection through one of his friends.

What’s funny is that not only do I need a caterer for my schools prom (called JSB for Junior/Senior Banquet) but I just went to my first wedding yesterday (and caught the bouquet!) and got a taste of some fancy catering. I am in charge of organizing the prom as president of my class and therefore head of prom committee. I’m not really president…we are more of a…I don’t know, but I’m defiantly not head. But the Presidential status does look better on an application then the position I was going for (secretary, I think).

Once I do some reasearch and am through with the big day I'll tell you all about it.

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