Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lavender is Purple!

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So I try (but fail) to keep my goal of keeping my blogs equal in posts, but recently I have been falling behind. Right know the toll is 33 to 22 so as you can see it has been easier for me to keep track of food rather than anime. Can you blame me? NO! I have very little time to watch anime and while food is necessity anime really just…*gulp*…isn’t. But I have like a BAZILLION things to talk about, SO! I have plenty of fun reading coming your way.

• Library books! = Cooking fun!
• Facing my fears: all you can eat sushi and seafood buffet
• Lavender the color of…Purple?
• Annatto, Now you know.
• New Diet,Low Iron! So much for giving blood!
• Grow your Own Dinner
• Daiso raid


But another problem is when I’m so behind on posting I tend to blend all my posts together for example I can’t seem to just discuss one item in my blogs I commonly have to refer them for later.

But lets talk about something else shall we? My hell week is finally over so Friday I found myself with the desire for a mini shopping spree. I headed done to the mall to check out the site as “they” have been doing a lot of revamping to the Northgate mall. They already added plenty of new restaurants BUT they have an especially interesting one that I will gladly review for you later: All you can eat sushi and seafood buffet!! It’s pricy as all buffets are but SUSHI?? How insane is that? It’s called Bluefin. You can read about it at . But I’ll give you a review later (I told you!) . For now I have to tell you all about what I bought (Oh joy). I have been desperately searching for a takoyaki pan to buy without having to pay 30 dollars for a “Puffy Pancake Pan” at the Seen On TV store. The cheapest was Target at 20 dollars but I was assured that Daiso had a 6 dollar one that goes quickly and that’s why I never saw it…I did pick up this “Patty Trio” which is good for making speedy empanadas, ravioli, wontons, or wannabe UncrustablesTM. It’s defiantly not a unitasker! But all this stuff (takoyaki, sushi reviews, and wontons) is another post (Got you again!).

FOR NOW, I have major ultra colossal news. Before I left the mall I FINALLY picked up a bottle of culinary lavender from a mall stand there. It was ridiculously expensive (at 7 dollars for a 1oz bottle, the bottle it self costs like 3 dollars) but sooo worth it. I have been dying to experiment with lavender lately and haven’t had the time.

My ideas for future lavender based culinary exploration are;

• Lavender lemon spice seasoning
• Lavender cookies with Lavender sugar
• Chicken with Herbs de province
• Lavender lemonade
• Lavender jelly (I’ll have to do a post on herb jelly later..dangnabbit!)

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