Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Adventures of Couscous Girl and Feta Cheese Man

Okay so there's no Feta Cheese Man but there is a Couscous Girl and she is loving her couscous. I recently tried couscous again for the sake of a mediteranian style recipe. While I managed to slaughter the recipe with chicken granules and precooked flashfrozen fish as well as some wonderfully bitter green olives the couscous was great. I had a previous adversion to the stuff but now its just like little pasta (which is what it is) and maybe even better. Its cooking method is unusual as Couscous is steamed not boiled. It keeps it's texture really well and can be used in place of pasta or rice and is very common in Medditeranean cuisines such as Greek or in Morocco.

Currently I have only tried two recipes one of my "inventions";Couscous with bell papper pesto and feta cheese

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I also made a Couscous cherry yougurt pudding (recipe courtesy Alton Brown)...I ate it before I took the picture.

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