Friday, October 26, 2007

News for yous

Do I even need to tell you I haven't posted in forever (its obvious by looking at the dates)? So Junior year is really hectic but vollyball season is offically over today (26th of october, it countinues for varsity) so I hopefully can relax (only a teeny bit) about school work. The thing is I should be doing my homework insted of blogging. I have a ton to do over the weekend. I don't like lugging around huge books but I really like writing big papers. Its fun because were given a lot of room to decide what we want to do. For my Spanish class Quarter project I am writting about my trip to Costa Rica and the amazing food I had there. I got a little sick of rice and black beans but over all the food was great. I'll post the essay later. I'm also doing a report for Western Civilization class. I'm calling it "Olive Oil: A History of Greek Foods". I will make a dish for both classes as well. Like I said in the 3rd essay thats due this week (like I said lots of homework);

"I really love it when I can fully express my niches, hobbies, passions, joys, interests, or whatever in a school project. It’s like getting rewarded for liking something and being yourself. Loving what you’re working on seems to make the process go much faster (even though in reality you take twice as long on the project because you actually care about it) and the end result seem much more satisfying."

I also said (for the intrest af telling you a little about me)"My interests really haven’t changed that much, I have changed back and forth on what I want my future career choice to be and maybe added a couple hobbies to my arsenal but more or less I’m still crazy about anything art/music related; manga, anime, drawing, videogames, broadway, singing, and acting, as well as cooking, and volleyball (probably the only sport I really like). You will probably also notice I like to list things (I get that from my OCD) and put a lot of parenthese in my writing."

So look forward to these essays! I'll probably post some old ones too! (On second thought maybe I shouldent...but I will anyway! Who wants to plagerise my middle school paper anyway?)

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