Monday, March 10, 2008


Get ready for...
a Culinary Adventure!
This will be my first of what should already be my fifth post on Indian cuisine. I have been an Indian food maniac forever and just now got to cooking some real Indian food. But since its been so long now lets take a trip back in time….

I took a car ride down to the good ol’ bookstore at the mall at least a month ago and got to flipping through plenty of cookbooks. Of course went through the usual; Japanese cuisine, food journals (whatever is not a “pure” cookbook but also maybe a book about food and travel), and whatever else caught my eye. But browsing through the books I always spot the Indian and Moroccan cookbooks next to the Japanese ones, and then I reminisce on the good times and good food at the local Indian restaurants.

Weeks pass…I want to visit the local Indian market but am much too busy. Weeks pass…

Finally make it down tot the Indian market and purchase pomegranate molasses, rose water, dried chick peas, and paneer cheese.

The delicious paneer goes quick after I borrow a great cook book from the library India's VegetarianCooking by Monisha Bharadwaj and I mess around with different recipes.

After plenty of experimenting I have even furthered my interest in Indian cooking. I will continue to explore and post on my findings!

I figure it would be pointless to provide ALL the recipes as I am lazy but these are the pictures and the recipes names from top to bottom
  1. Slow Cooked Mushrooms; Dum Ki Khumb, (I left out the yogurt), my favorite of the bunch cause I love mushrooms and I LOVE the spices used.
  2. Indian cheese with peppers, onions, and tomatos; Paneer Jalfrezi, (nummy! Though I woulden't try grating the onion I would lightly carmelise them insted...I love onions )
  3. Spinich with Cheese; Palak (or saag) Paneer, not the best looking but a great source of iron with the tomatos, and mighty tasty too!
  4. This is from a box, though I don't remember the name, it was really spicy and great with couscous!


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